About Us

About Voxdash

VoxDash is an industry cloud platform that reimagines the presentation, management, publication, and dissemination of opinion polling data. It enables the sharing and visualization of proprietary survey data without granting access to the raw data itself. With support for multiple languages, VoxDash enables polling data owners to provide managed access to their data while assigning unique prices or access levels to each data point or file.

Designed with data owners and pollsters in mind, VoxDash provides them with comprehensive control over their data while allowing them to share it effectively with clients, colleagues, or the public. The platform serves as a hub where polling professionals can publish results, showcase their capabilities, discover new demand, and even generate crowdfunding from previously untapped clients and revenue streams.

While not all shared polling data on VoxDash will be free, pollsters can now present their results to a global audience they previously couldn't reach, allowing them to charge less for the same data, in line with platform's competitive and comparative nature. In return, the general public gains unprecedented access to survey questions from across the globe, many of which were previously unknown to the public. 

While most survey data is gathered in statistical software such as SPSS, these file types are not indexed and are not searchable by Google or Bing. If permitted by the data owner, VoxDash creates a permanent webpage per each survey question within an SPSS file, making them visible and searchable by search engines. This would promote the work of the researcher and the pollster while empowering the public to discover and utilize this invaluable information efficiently.

VoxDash serves as a centralized, searchable platform, facilitating the sharing of polls and fostering a diverse marketplace of voices, an essential element for a vibrant democracy. The lack of a suitable platform in the polling sector for demand and supply to meet has negative implications for our society and polity. VoxDash has the potential to democratize the opinion polling sector, ultimately improving our global governance.


Our Visions

Many scholars have made the case that reaching a good polity is rooted in having reliable information regarding the factors that drive and shape actions and form an understanding of society. A key among these factors in all systems of government is public opinion. Even in oligarchic and autocratic systems, policy elites are constrained by and respond to public opinion. This is perhaps most evident in how all systems actively seek to control and manipulate channels of information through which their public form an opinion about their surroundings. The most recent example was the weaponization of social media platforms to disseminate fake news.

Without access to reliable measures of national will, we are left to rely on anecdotal evidence, allowing vested interest groups to monopolize citizen representation. Throughout history, the lack of access to aggregated public voice has had severe consequences, underscoring the need for better access to reliable measures of collective sentiment.

In our path towards good society and good polity, at issue are our constraints on collective self-reflection, and the capacity of our society to know itself and the underpinning preferences of its actors. Without public access to reliable gauges of national will, we are forced to rely on anecdotal evidence, allowing vested interest groups to monopolize citizen representation. Our world has repeatedly paid an exhaustive cost for this lack of access to reliably aggregated public voice. 

While scientific polling has been available for decades, its utilization has predominantly been limited to the elite due to its cost. The general public often lacks the financial means and technical expertise required to leverage this valuable knowledge. Power resides where people believe it resides. To prevent small men from casting undue large shadows, knowledge becomes imperative. Publicly and effectively shared opinion polling becomes the illuminating light that dispels the shadows.

To address this issue, we need an inclusive platform that disseminates public opinion, allowing everyone in our society to confidently access and understand the public's voice on important topics and empowering them to be data-informed citizens. VoxDash takes a step towards democratizing public opinion polling, aiming to restore the essence of "Vox populi, vox Dei" – the voice of the people is the ultimate voice.